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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Installing Carpet Tiles #2

We installed another 500 sq ft of the carpet tiles this afternoon. Here are a few pictures showing the results...

You can still see the seams between most of the tiles - the camera flash fades them out - but these should disappear after some use.

All in all, the tiles are pretty easy to install. Here are some things we figured out (or already knew to do from similar projects):

  • We spent a couple of hours getting the layout right. We made sure that there would be no small strips of carpet by the walls, which took some balancing of the rooms. We also double checked our main chalk lines to ensure they were square.
  • A one pound rubber mallet allows you to set the tiles solidly into the double-sided carpet tape. You can also use the mallet to align the tiles.
  • Get a bulk package of razor blade for your knife. You go through a lot of them - and dull ones are a pain.
  • Lay all the whole tiles then come back and do all the cuts.
  • Sweep the bare floor, vacuum, then vacuum again. Get rid of as much dust a possible before starting.
  • If you cut for a tight fit, you can butt the tiles right up to tile without any metal strips.

  • We have about 400 feet more to go to finish the family room and small hallway. Once we are done there, the additional tiles should arrive so we can do all the kids beadrooms.

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