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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Installing Carpet Tiles #1

As part of our basement remodel, we have been planning on putting in new carpet for quite a while. At about 1800 sq. ft. of carpet, it is not a small investment. After doing a bunch of research, we decided to go with commercial grade carpet tiles.

We ordered the tiles from, and we were not disappointed.

For about $2.30 a square foot (delivered), we bought pad-backed carpet tiles rated for extreme wear conditions: Mohawk Ecoflex. They are also a green product and LEED rated for recycled content. The service from iCarpettiles was excellent: good phone support, quick delivery, and based on our order size, they found a cheaper alternative for delivery. They are definitely on my "good supplier" list.

Here are the cases of carpet tiles...

This picture shows the first few tiles installed. They go in fairly easily with double-sided carpet tape. We decided to run long strips of tape on the main layout lines, and also at each of the corner of the tiles - similar to the Flor tiles installation method.

We go started and installed about 200 sq. ft. in a couple of hours, which wasn't bad. This included closets and a lot of detailed cutting.

The hardest part of the installation was removing the old clumps of glue and carpet pad from the concrete floor. After tying a scraper and heat gun (lots of work), I found that my 4" grinder with a wire brush attachment did the trick with almost no effort.

Hopefully, we can get the rest of the main basement area done tomorrow.

My normal disclaimer: When I feature a supplier, service or product, it's based on my own experience. I don't take payment to place anything on my blog.

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