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Monday, March 29, 2010

Clerestory Windows

I haven't been blogging - or working on projects - for most of the winter (too much skiing!)

I bought a couple of boxes of 6" glass block at Home Depot that were on the clearance pile. I have been planning for a while to make clerestory windows for our bedroom wall, and this gave me the boost to do it.

I built separate frames for each set of 4 glass blocks, which ended up being 13 1/2" wide. These fit between the 16" O.C. studs with shims and blocking, so no header needed. Once I applied the trim, the set of windows look like a single unit.

I set the height of the windows so the top trim would be even with both the French doors and maintain clean lines.

Since this is a south-facing wall, we are hoping to get a lot of additional light during the winter months when the sun is low.

- Glass block:  $60
- Glass block spacer bars: $12
- Grout: $5
- Frame wood and 2x4 supports: $10
- Trim: $15

Total: $100 approx.
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