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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Window Seat

I feel like I have let my blog down... I am almost finished with a window seat project, and I have not taken one picture or written a word.

Here is an in-progress picture - I just started taping the sheetrock.

I got the inspiration to add one from reading the "Not So Big House" series and also looking at the house designs posted on Ross Chapin Architects. I think window seats are similar to kids and ice cream – they have almost universal appeal. Here are some pictures from the site…

Cost details

Bumping the wall out to build this required the following steps (materials costs)
  • Pour a small foundation - $20
  • Reframe the existing opening to 6’ wide, put in a 12” header, and frame the new walls (2x6) - $85
  • Put on sheathing (1/2” plywood) - $35
  • Flash and roof with architectural shingles - $40
  • Install a 4’x5’ stock window (Low E) - $170
  • Install two 4” recessed lights and wire the switch - $45
  • Insulate – both foam for the corners / gaps and fiberglass for the stud bays - $30
  • Sheetrock, mud, corners - $50

    Total so far is $475. To just do a window (no bump out) would have cost about $230 to this point, so I think its well worth it.

    I anticipate the following additional costs:
  • Window trim (inside and outside) - $50
  • Siding (Hardieplank lap) - $60
  • Paint – interior: already have it (maybe $25 if I needed to buy more) / Exterior - $40
  • Window seat wood – I am doing a bead-board front, pine trim, 3/4” plywood lift top - $40
  • Cushion – not sure, I need to as my DW, as she will be making that bit.

    Estimated total cost: $750 – and well worth it. I think it adds quite a lot of character to the house.

    I am planning on re-siding the entire house this summer (lap; board & batten; stone), and I am going to include a rain-screen / drainage plane while I am at it. I will do the first little bit of that when I side the bump-out.
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