Greengate Ranch Remodel
Remodeling a Daylight Ranch in Oregon

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Making a $10 Bench

I came up with a simple bench design that you can make from a 1x12 pine board that's 8' long - which costs $10 right now (in Oregon). You could also make this from a 2x12. Here is a picture of one that I distressed and stained...

It needs another coat of stain and then a couple applications of sealer.

Here is the simple "cut diagram":

- The top is on the left at 32"
- The legs in the center at 16"
- The apron and bottom stretcher are cut out of the right piece at 29 wide.

This design allows for a little bit of scrap, which I use to attach the top.

I made 4 of these today to go into our home theater:

Here they are with the first coat of stain.

These are obviously not fine furniture, but will be great for holding food, books, etc. They can also be used for sitting when we have a bunch of people over.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Home Theater Furniture

They delivered the furniture for our home theater today. We bought a very large sectional and ottoman, plus two recliners. These, plus the existing couch and love seat, fill up the room.

This sectional seats 6 or 7 people:

Here are the matching recliners.

This picture shows them from the back of the theater room.

We bought all this from Pacific Lifestyle Furniture, and I have nothing but positive comments about them. I felt like we purchased very good quality furniture at a price on par with Costco (about 1/2 the expected cost), and the delivery was right on time. They are obviously a low overhead operation that keeps prices low. I found them on craigslist.

My disclaimer: I am not paid for advertising for this business. I am giving a positive review for people I was happy to do business with.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My new blog: Hammer and Saw

I recently started another blog: Hammer and Saw, focused on woodworking and furniture.

Up to this point, I have kept my furniture projects in with the remodeling stuff. After reviewing it, I think the content and audience will be somewhat different. Also, this allows me to use tags that are focussed on various woodworking topics.

Anyway, if you get the chance, take a look and comment.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tip: Use contrasting filler on painted trim

Until recently, I always filled the nail holes in trim with filler that was close to the paint color (in our case, white). No matter how systematically I work when sanding, I seem to miss one now and then. Now I use a contrasting color, so there is no problem seeing every one...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Built-in Bookshelf for my Son's Room

The final thing we are adding to our son's room is a two-foot wide built in bookshelf, where his old closet used to be. It's 10" deep, which allows for an 18" deep linen closet backing up to it.

Here is the bookshelf unit before it was installed. This is a very simple design: 3/4" plywood sides and shelves; 3/8" bead board plywood for the back; MDF face frame pieces. I sanded, primed and painted all the pieces before assembly, saving a lot of effort.

Here is the unit installed in the wall, with side trim applied. It is shimmed solidly in place, with finish nails holding it.

This bookshelf matches the other ones we installed in our basement, to give continuity throughout the house.

Building a Windowseat #3 - Cabinetry Complete

I finished up the cabinetry portion of the window seat project. As shown in the picture, I installed the top, which has a lift up lid. I also put a small lip on the front, which is there to keep the cushion in place.

The underside of the lid has 3/4" x 1 1/2" support splines to make sure it stays flat over time.

We need to paint the front with our white trim paint. Hopefully my DW will get the cushion made in the next couple of weeks.
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