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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Quick and Dirty Ski Rack for the Garage

After putting new lights in the garage, I figured I might as well get everything else organized - starting with the pile of skis in the corner. I designed the rack shown at the right loosely based on a number of wooden ones you can buy on line.

The skis are held by 8" long, 3/4" diameter dowels, with pipe insulation on them. I choose to use the insulation to help grip the skis, so that if bumped, they wouldn't move. 

The boot shelf above is made of 1x12 pine, with the shelf brackets mounted on the top side.

The rack and shelf took a about two hours to build and install, with most of the work in drilling the holes for the dowels and mounting them. I drilled the holes about 1/2" deep with a 3/4" Forstner bit, glued the dowels in place and screwed them from the back. I used polyurethane glue, which will hold the dowels tight since it expands on drying.

Cost of the project:
- Three 3/4" dowels (4' long) - $7
- A 12' pine 1x4 - $5
- A 8' pine 1x12 - $10
- Six shelf brackets - $10
- Pipe insulation - $2.50
- Total $35

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