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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tool Review: Small Angle Grinder

One of my favorite tools for remodeling is a 4.5 inch angle grinder. Mine is from Harbor Freight Tools and cost $15 on sale. A package of 10 grinding wheels is $10 - so you can get set up for $25.

What do I use this for?
  • Grinding off nails that I can't pull out
  • Removing nailed-in electrical boxes and fixtures
  • Grinding the nail-heads off when removing a window frame (I don't like banging hard around big sheets of glass!)
  • Cutting pieces of metal
  • Touching up or regrinding screwdrivers, nippers, etc.
  • Under cutting door jambs or trim (it burns, but works)
  • Re-edging shovels and hoes
  • Minor cutting of cultured stone and brick to fit
Once I started using one of these, I found it to be indispensable. I pulled a stud out of a wall and had the nails sticking up. I couldn't find my reciprocating saw right away, so I gave the grinder a try - it worked great.

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