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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Walk-in Closet #3

I finished installing the drawers and shelves into my daughter's walk-in closet. Here are a couple of pictures. Of course my daughter needed to hang at least one thing in there for the shot.

These drawers are 24" deep, giving quite a bit more space than a typical dresser.

All I need to do is build and install the cabinet tops - hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Here is a tip on how to easily install tight-fitting shelves...
  • I have found it hard to cut shelves that sit on pins exactly right - they are either too tight and get damaged, or too loose and rattle a bit.

  • Cut the shelf 1/4" inch less than the width of the box or cabinet they need to go into. This will give plenty of room for pins and an easy fit.

  • Apply a piece of protection felt to each end. This is the self-adhesive felt used to protect hardwood floors from furniture feet. These are about 3/16 thick, but can compress.

  • The felt allows easy install and removal, but the shelves are tight when in place.

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justineallison said...

I love that your daughter hung up one thing! It looks very nice in the closet. Your work looks fabulous! I am really enjoying seeing all that you have done with the house. I am inspired. Thanks for sharing.

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