Greengate Ranch Remodel
Remodeling a Daylight Ranch in Oregon

Friday, December 22, 2006

Changing Access to the Master Bedroom

The key to renovating the bedroom zone was changing the access to the master bedroom.

By moving the door from the end of the hallway to the living room, it allowed us to use all the hallway area for functional space. Once we moved the bedroom entry, the rest of the changes we wanted to do fell into place.

It took us a little time to decide that we would like, or at least not mind, our bedroom door right off the living room. Now that it has been in place for about a year, we are really glad we made this decision. We checked online, and found a number of newer house plans with the master directly off the main area. Also, the way the bedroom is configured, you don't see the bed. Finally, it allows some really nice views which I will discuss later.

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