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Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Good Resource for Understanding Stimulus Money for Remodeling

I found a very comprehensive site for understanding how I can take advantage of the stimulus / tax rebate offers in 2009: Remodeling Magazine - June 2009. The best information on the site is summed up in: The Stimulus at a Glance Chart.

Here is an example for windows, doors, etc.

So, what does this mean for me:

  • I am planning my budget to get the maximum $1500 rebate for various windows and an exterior french door for our dinning room. To get this, I need to spend $5000 - and after the 30% rebate it will net out to $3500.

  • I am planning on buying a pellet stove for my shop I am going to build. I need to purchase it in 2010, so I can take advantage of the rebate next year. The current plan only provides for this through then (who knows, it may change).

  • I want to add solar electric to the house. The programs for that extend out for quite a while, and I think could possibly get better.

  • Finally, here is where the stimulus money - and possible rebates to those of use who remodel - are going over the next few years. Click on the graph to go the site.

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