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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home Theater #29 - Screen Framed

After helping my DW clean up and put away Christmas (the decorations, not the beliefs), I was able to mount the slides to the drawers and get most of of the trim installed. The picture below shows the progress on the cabinets. 

I made the crown molding with two pieces of trim. I think three would have been better, but I was limited by the depth of the soffit. I still like the way it turned out...

I decided to frame the screen in stained wood, rather than flat black. Most screens are done in black - but I have seen a few done in wood, and I liked it. I figure I can always paint it black later if I change my mind. 

Here is the whole thing in it's current state...

Stuff I need to get done:
  • Mill, stain and install the base moldings (I forgot to do these with the crown)
  • Make the drawer fronts
  • Lay the stone - I am going to have my DW and daughter lay up some of it
  • Build a small matching table for the center speakers
  • Crown molding around the ceiling
  • New carpet - I think we are going to go with carpet tiles

1 comment:

Timothy said...

Your home theater is looking really great, can't wait to see the final after pictures. It will be great to see the room once you finish installing the crown molding, carpet and so on.

Great job, looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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