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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home Theater #24 - Building Cabinets Continued

With about a foot of snow and freezing rain on the ground, all of our planned activities were cancelled. Sometimes it's nice to have everything slow way down. After a few hours of driving the family around for their final Christmas errands, I spent some time working on the cabinets.

The upper bookshelf part of the cabinets are most of the work, so started them first. Overall, it went together well, with only a few minor fixes required. Tomorrow, I hope to build the other cabinet and put the backs on both of them.

The wood planks for the backs and sides turned out well. After staining, I applied a coat of Mixwax polycrylic, did a light sanding (220 grit), wiped off the dust, then put a second coat on. This seems to give a clean, smooth finish on the boards. Below is a picture of them lined up and drying...

The picture on the right shows my stain sample board. I took all the stain samples and applied about one foot of each. We set this along the wall and looked at it for a couple of days. We finally decided on the third one from the top, and the sample board shows what the color will look like.

Looks like more snow coming to Portland, so the cabinets may get done sooner than expected.

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