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Friday, December 19, 2008

Home Theater #23 - Cabinet Parts

I finished cutting. milling and sanding all the cabinet parts. Here is where it gets really difficult for me - I want to start building and not continue staining and finishing. I get anxious to see the project come together, and I want to think about finishing later, but it's quite a bit more work that way. So I spent the evening finishing...

Staining and sealing a whole bunch of parts takes a whole bunch of space on saw horses or stands. I typically put a couple of 2x4's across saw horses, but I came up with a better idea using an extension ladder. This set up gives me 16 feet.

Below are about 1/2 of the pine wainscot boards I am using for the exposed sides and backs of the cabinets. I stained these with Minwax Ipswitch Pine, and they came out with quite a bit of color variation, which is what I was hoping for.

The rails and stiles, which came from a less varied pine, needed to have more color added to have them match. After I stained them with the Ipswitch, I stained them again with Cherry.

This caused a nice amount of variation and provided a good overall color match.

I am going to try to get two coats of Mixwax Polycrylic on these by tomorrow so I can start assembling this weekend.

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