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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Garden Shed #25 - Gutters, Trim, Doors & Windows

I decided to put vinyl gutters on the shed. The cost difference between these and galvanized metal is negligible, and these were already painted a dark brown color. Also, more than 1/2 of the metal gutters at Home Depot were dented in some way, which was a bad omen.

I put the first side on in pieces and fully assembled the second side before attaching it. The second side was much easier, with my DW helping hold it while I drove in the screws.

Here is a picture of the pergola end of the shed with the trim complete. We are really happy with the colors and looking forward to doing these on the house in the near future.

A boy and his dog on a sunny fall day... It sure is nice to be outside well into October.

I also made the smaller door, using the same construction technique I did on the sliding one. It's basically a 1/4" Luann core, with 1x4's glued, stapled and screwed in place. This makes a lightweight, straight and rigid door - and only costs about $25 before hardware.

Finally, I cut all the pieces for the window frames:

These will get assembled into the frame pattern shown below. Its nice to use up most of the small pieces from the rest of the shed (keeping it green).

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