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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall is here... firing up the pellet stove

I am definitely a fall person. I like the colder weather, colors, and starting the pellet stove back up again.

This is a Vistaflame stove (also call Meridian) that we have run for four years. So far it has been very reliable - no problems. We bought it from Stoves and Spas in Albany, Oregon. I found them to be friendly and informative in helping me select the right stove.

Up until this year, we have been storing the pellets in the corner of the room and outside under a tarp. Neither of these has been a very good option. As part of the basement remodel, I added a pellet storage closet near the stove.

The picture above shows the first ton in place, and the one below shows the second. We usually burn a bit more than two tons each year - this is with old leaky windows that I will be replacing in the next few months.

I haven't put the bi-fold doors on this yet, since I spent the summer working outside projects. I should be able to get them in place with all the rest of the trim (hopefully before spring!)

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