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Saturday, September 13, 2008

PDX Street of Dreams - Rating it as "OK"

We finally got to tour the Portland Street of Dreams. We have got into the habit of going on at the very end of the show, where the crowds are small and ticket discounts are available. I would give the show an overall rating of "OK" - not fantastic, but not bad either.

If you are into modernism and sweeping views (both having their merits), I think you would give the show an A+. If you are strictly a cottage or rustic style person (our favorites), maybe a B - but still worth going.

Our favorite house was #2, which was a more rustic style. Incredibly, it had a small kitchen (we liked it), and nothing was pretentious. I think the best feature was the king trusses, used both inside and out.

We also liked the doors, which were done in a craftsman style:

One of these days when I don't have 20 other projects going, I am going build doors like this and replace all or our hollow-core, six panel, yes-they-were-cheap ones in our main living areas.

I saw this drop-leaf console table in two of the houses.

I am planning on copying this design for a coupe of display tables I will build over the winter.

This was the nicest looking outdoor kitchen...

Not a large area, but very well done.

My DW really liked the foot spa:

I consider this was the most "interesting" piece of art:

Bronze GI Joe men as a focal point. I like climbing, but I think this would be a bit much in the stairwell.

Some interesting points:

  • Every house, modern or rustic, had a 1x1 mosaic tile fireplace or wall. While I like mosaic, I think it will be one of the features that gets dated over time. I prefer it incorporated into other patterns.

  • Horizontally oriented houses with low pitched roofs are back in style. I did get some good ideas here, being we are remodeling a daylight ranch.

  • You can paint your house any color you like, as long as it's a shade of taupe.

  • Tray ceilings and soffits are definitely in. I was impressed by the amount of design that went into the various ceilings.

  • Built-in espresso makers are hot. Most of the houses had one. My DW really wants one (me too), but we will need to save up our pennies - they are $2,000 or more. We have spot picked out, and I am ready to cut the hole in the wall a soon as we get one.

    As I stated, the show was worth the trip.
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