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Sunday, August 31, 2008

My DW's "Away Place"

A reoccuring theme in many of the design books / blogs I read: Create "away spaces" that allow for personal quite time. This is also common sense, in that it's nice to have your own spot in the house to relax and think. Here is picture of what we came up with for my DW...

This is simply in the corner of our master bedroom, which is not a large space (14' x 14'). Sorry - picture quality isn't the best here.

It incorporates the folowing design elements:
- Natural light on two sides
- Overlooks a forest area
- Has a lowered ceiling (soffit)
- A space for devotional books
- Is private location

We are planning on creating at least one, maybe two more of these types of spaces in the house as we complete the remodel.

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