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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Garden Shed #18 - Roof Complete

I completed the roof of the shed in the rain. Last few days of August in Portland, and it's raining pretty hard. The up side is that we just may have another great snow year on Mount Hood.

The Cobra Vent was easy to to install on the ridge. The ridge shingles (I cut them out of leftover pieces rather than buy special ones - keeping green in mind) went on easily. There is now a lot of air space under the ridge to help keep the shed cool in the summer and dry in the rest of the year.

The plum tree in the picture is just about ready to be picked. Things are a bit late this year, likely due to the lack of sunshine. I am really glad I was able to keep it and meet the set-back requirements. It should have just enough room to stay healthy and productive - besides, it will look nice close to the shed.

A note on set-backs: As I discussed in an early post of this project, the shed is just under 200 square feet and therefore does not require a permit. This does not change the need to follow set-back guidelines. I went ahead and sent a sketch (used Google earth) of the shed location to the city, so we could at least have a discussion about it before I started. They noted that 20 feet set-back to the road is needed for them, then they noted an existing 25' utility easement as well. I am glad I asked, and put the corner right at 25'. My point here is to take the time to talk with the city or county before starting something like this regardless of permits needed. I would hate to put all the effort in and then have a problem.

The next task is to paint thing, but we need the rain to stop for at least a few hours to get new paint samples on.

I finished the design of the push-out windows. These will be hingled at the top and simply push out to open and let air in. A small rod will hold them open, and latches will secure them. I have seen these more in the UK & EU than in the US.

I went to the dollar store and found 8.5 x 11 picture frames with glass. I bought 30 of them for $30. These will be the the window panes and fill the top of the sliding door. I figure the pine for the windows will be $5, so with hardware and paint I should have nice windows for under $15 each.

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Jennifer said...

Ooo.. great idea on the windows! I'll be excited to see the finished product.

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