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Monday, August 18, 2008

DIY Resource: Blogs about Blogs

BABAB (Blogs about blogs about blogs...) can be pretty frustrating. Sometmes I think that there is just one guy who lives outside of Reykjavik that creates all the true content on the web, and the rest of the world just blogs about it, and each other. All this seems to be an attempt to sell advertising with the least amount of effort.

Kidding aside: Charles and Hudson is one of the few blogs about other DIY blogs that I like to keep up with. They cover a wide range of topics that actually have substance - as opposed to surface level summaries and lots of ads. I think it's worth putting on your RSS feed list, if you track information that way.

While I was catching up on C&H, I read a post about an Instructibles article on sound-proofing a garage. This looks like a pretty slick and inexpense way to isolate your drywall to control sound. If I were sheetrocking our theather room again, I think I would employ this technique.

Just in case you are looking to make a bokken (Japanese wooden sword), I have an Instrucibles article on it.

Another one that is fairly good is Hewn and Hammered, focusing mainly on the arts & crafts movement. I am very interested in A&C, lodge, and rustic styles

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