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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garden Shed #8 - Wall Framing

I finished the wall framing this morning.

This photo shows the first wall up, which I did last night after work. Summer evenings in Oregon are great to be outside in until about 10 pm.

I framed up the walls on the deck, squared them up, put on the bottom sheeting, then tipped them up into place.

Here is a picture of the wall framed with the small door and two windows. I put a small header over the door, but not over the windows. The rafters are going to be placed directly above the studs, so you don't need the extra support. Also, the header over the door is only 2x4 - I am going to glue and nail a piece of OSB to the back side of it and the top plate, effectively making a box-beam. This will carry the rafter load with no problems.

The walls are tipped up in place and temporarily secured with diagonal 2x4's. Don't skip this step and just nail the plate. If you do, the wall can come down on top of you.

Finally, the end walls were put in. This photo shows the large door for the lawn tractor. I am going to use sliding barn door hardware for this one.

Next up is to put in the ridge-board and frame the rafters. I am leaving the top siding off until this is done to allow for better access.

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