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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garden Shed #7 - Resources

Here are some of the free / online resources I found for building the garden shed. I will continue to update this post as I collect and review them. These are resources that I truly found helpful, and I have no commercial connection to them.

Ideas and Photo Sets

At the top of the list: Here is a blog dedicated to garden sheds. It's very nicely done with a number of inspirational photos. My favorite is the water wheel shed.

There are over 10K pictures on - search for garden shed. It takes a while, but you can see just about any kind you would imagine. There are also a lot of good photos of storage and interior setups. is a commercial site, but the photos are really nice. These are definately high-end and classy buildings.


Here are a few articles from Fine Homebuilding (my favorite magazine):

  • A Firm Foundation for a Backyard Shed - showing some good methods for building the shed foundation

  • Shortcuts to a Shed - this article shows some good cost-savings techniques

  • Greenhouses and Potting Sheds - this is not a "how to" article, but has good photos

  • Popular Mechanics has a good on-line article with lots of detail on contructions techniques. I really like the cut-away diagram showing all the main points of shed construction:

    Click on the image below for a good set of detailed shed plans by Southern Pine in their DIY section.

    For you hardcore green builders, here is a site that shows in fine detail show to build a large shed out of pallets. I am not quite to the point of using pallets to build things, but I admire the design and technique shown here.

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