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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home Theater #17 - Sheetrock Screen Done

We finally completed the "screen portion" of the sheetrock home theater screen, with good results. I ended up applying and sanding four coats of mud on it, then finished smoothing it out with a wet sponge.

The picture shows the screen painted (by my DW) with flat Bear latex by Home Depot - the color is "Silver Screen". Here is a comparative chip:

Why go with a grey screen instead of white? There is quite a bit of info out there in favor of going with grey, giving better contrast and better overall images. Go to this link for extremely detailed information and pictures.

There is a whole lot of debate out on the AV web sites on what the best screen paint is - so far the silver / grey looks good to me. I know that I don't want pure white, since it washes out the darker colors.

Tallying the cost:
- 1x4 firring for the wall (only counting the screen area) - $14
- 2x3 wood frame - $12
- Two sheets of sheetrock - $16
- Primer & paint - $15
- Misc (mud, screws, tape) - $2
Total is about $60, plus a few hours work.

Now its time to play the DVR of the Euro2008 game (Holland and Russia) and see how it really looks.

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