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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Theater #16 - Sheetrock Screen

I finally settled on the size of the projection screen (60"x80") and the proportions of the cabinets on each side, as shown in the diagram.

The following pictures the installation of the screen. Here is the blank front wall before starting. You can see the paint my DW did on the side walls, which turned out great.

I started by putting 1x4 furring strips across the wall, spaced on 16" centers. I needed to put these on to make sure there was adequate support for the stone backer board, and the screen framing.

Here is the screen framing attached to the furring strips. This is made of 2x3's, which will put the screen out to the same depth as the stone. Also, you can nail through the 2x3 into the furring strips with 16d nails. I also put a number of screws in to make sure everything was secure.

Since there is no insulation behind this basement wall, I put R13 batts into the screen framing - every little bit helps.

Here is the sheetrock and first coat of mud applied:

Finally, a shot of the textured paint my DW did. It actually looks darker than this - the camera flash lightens it somewhat.

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