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Monday, March 03, 2008

Home Theater #9 - Wiring the Speakers

After quite a bit of research, I decided to go with 16 gage in-wall speaker wire. The cost for a 500 ft role was a good deal less than the 14 or 12 gage wire.

There are varying opinions on the performance, but most reviews stated that 16 gage is fine for most home theater applications. In doing my own "ear test" the back speakers sound fine - one of them has a run of 25 feet and the other 60 feet.


Ethan said...

Your home theater series is a good read. I've always dreamed about setting up something like this. Any reason you chose a projector?

Ethan One Project Closer

TTFWEB said...

The projector gives us an HD quality 100" diagonal image screen for about $1000.

J at IHB and HFF said...

Hello and thank you for the visit. I am glad to see that you are doing the best you can with the hallway and the structural wall.

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