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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Home Theater #7 - WIring for Sound

Before I close up the soffits with sheetrock, I needed to run the speaker wiring through them. Here is a diagram of the sound layout.

The layout is based on a central seating point. We sit in various locations from just in front of this point to the back of the room. The blue zones are for Dolby 5.1 set up - this is the receiver we have now. To make sure we are set up for the future, I am going to run the wires for Dolby 7.1 as well. Dolby 6.1 has a center speaker in the back, which won't work well in the room, since it's the entry point.

The wiring took about three hours to run, since I had to do a bit of fishing in the walls as well as the soffits.

Using Visio for the floor plan
Having the floor plan in Microsoft Visio has been a huge advantage. It allows easy modeling of the various elements of the work we are doing to the room. It doesn't render 3D images, but it is the best lower-cost interface I have found.

On line resources I used
- Practical Home Theater Guide
- Understanding In-wall Speaker, Video and Audio Cable Ratings
- The Dolby Guide to Home Theater Sound

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