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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Storage Closet #2

I installed the shelves into the storage closet today. We have had fantastic weather here in Oregon, and I wanted to take advantage of it by setting up the tablesaw and router out in the driveway. I have a feeling the rain is coming...

I still need to install the support brackets, set the door and trim it out to call it finished. I am not sure if I need the brackets to keep the shelves from sagging in the long-term, but with it being low cost and effot, it makes sense to put them in. I agree with Holmes on Homes - taking the time and care to make sure things done well is the only way to go.

Here is how the storage crates are going fit:

Allowing a little space at the top makes getting them out much easier, especially on the upper shelves.

Finally, the space between the shelves is critical. You need to have enough room to comfortably pull the crates straight out. There is 40" here, and it seems to be plenty of room. I think 36" would be too tight, and anything over 42" is not needed.

I'll post the final pictures one the closet is loaded with stuff.

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