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Friday, November 09, 2007

Storage Closet #1

As part of the basement remodel, we are adding a storage closet. This will mainly hold crafts, holiday items and clothing.

As you can see in the diagram to the right, the foot print of the closet is 4' x 7.5', with a door in the center. This layout allows for a bank five 4' x 2' shelves on each end. I will also make a rolling storage cart that fits in the center.

I wanted to make stout shelves that look reasonably good, as well as keep the cost down, so I chose OSB and 1x3 furring strips as the materials. This plan requires 3 sheets of OSB at about $7 each, 22 furring strips at $1.25 each, and ten 12" shelf brackets at $1.50 each - totalling $65.

I cut the furring strips to go along the back and sides of the shelf. Notice that I bevelled the side pieces, which gives them a more finished look. I attached these to the wall with poly glue and 18 gage finish nails (using an air nailer) for simplicity, then affixed them with 2.5" deck screws into the studs.

Here is a picture of all five sets. I put the OSB shelf in place and a crate show how it all fits.

Here is closer shot of the shelf. It is a piece of 2' x 4' OSB with a front edge attached for looks and strength. I ripped the furring strips so they could be assembled back into an "L" that would cover the front and give support.

Each of the shelves will hold 3 of these crates. Including the floor, which has a bit more space, we can put 18 of these on each side of the closet, or 36 in all. For our needs, this is a lot of storage space.

Here is a shot of the "L" strips from the underside. They butt into the side strips mounted on the wall.

Once I have glued and nailed these shelves into place, I will put the support brackets in to make sure they never sag.

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