Greengate Ranch Remodel
Remodeling a Daylight Ranch in Oregon

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Living Room Windows #2

My DW was able to get the textured paint on the remodeled window wall this week, which I think looks great. I am looking forward to getting these trimmed out, so they look like a single large unit.

Why did we pick these size windows, as opposed to 4 slightly smaller ones?
  • If we chose 4 windows, they would have been very close to the end windows, which would have made nice pattern. 
  • We could have done two long windows with a single center post, which would have maximized the glass and cost less. 
  • We chose three because windows are traditionally grouped in odd numbers, so you get a clear center view as a focal point. Five windows would have had too many posts and a broken-up view.

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