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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hall Tree #3 - Complete

The final thing I needed to do on the hall tree was put on the hardware - hangers and shelf brackets:

The oak-leaf hangers are what inspired us to do the hall tree in the first place. They are cast iron and painted flat black. We bought them at a local building materials reuse place, which I am happy to promote. They have wide variety of stuff, prices are great, and they are very friendly.

For you Oregonians (or those visiting), here is the list of reuse and recycling centers. I try to build as much as I can from materials these centers provide. It's good for the environment, my wallet and the local economy.


Speedy said...

Great blog with a ton of info. Love the site.

I found your site after doing research for a upcoming kitchen remodel I'm about to start.

Do you know why most of the pics from your kitchen remodel are not showing up? Would love to see more of your remodel

EPDM Coating said...

Well its really a very impressive work indeed. These little trees are enhancing the beauty of your room. Specially their color combination is looking awesome.

Kevin said...

Hey, I wanted to thank you for this blog and the 10k kitchen one. I've been really impressed with your attention to detail and techniques, and it's fair to say that I've used much of what you've given here. I'm taking my stab at blogging on my home improvement projects, also. I hope I'm able to return the favor you've done me.

Muibien said...

Beautiful! You do nice work and I love the style. Hope you will keep adding posts.

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