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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Backyard #6 - Stone Posts Done

I finally finished the stone post bases for the patio cover. It took a few extra weeks (it always takes a few extra weeks!) due to travel and family activities. Anyway, I am pretty happy with the results...

I ended up laying about 50 feet of stone on both of these, and used up all the large corner pieces I had. The large corners give the posts a more substantial feeling.

The tumbled stone pavers made nice post caps, and cost significantly less than cap pieces from the stone yard. Once I filled the joints, I cleaned off the pavers with a water and vinegar solution to remove the mortar stains.

I am going to look at my stone pile and see if I have enough of this mix to lay veneer across the back of the house to match. If I need to buy a few more boxes, I'll keep a look out on Craig's List and buy some leftovers cheap.

I also had time to get the rake and fascia boards installed. I used 2x fir and my DW painted it form me before we attached it.

I really like the look of the 4x6 beams, now that they are in place. Our house is built with 2x4 trusses, that have rafter tails that extend 29 inches. I am considering fabricating and boxing these in with faux tails that will give them the look of 4x6's.

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Gene said...

The posts look great! Nice job.

See my article library on eHow...