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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A couple of pictures from Eindhoven, Netherlands

My preference is to be at home in Oregon with my family, but when traveling I try make "lemonade". Here are a couple of pictures I took in the city of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands...

I think this first picture emphasizes what the Dutch do so well - create small idyllic spaces. If you look, you see them everywhere.

The roof on this house is new thatching. I especially like the eyebrow windows. I watched them weave and cut it last year, which was fascinating.

Yesterday I was in the eastern Czech Republic, and I got to spend the day at a friend's house, working in his garden. It was really nice to be out doing something with my hands, as opposed to being "couped up" in a city with only walking around and sightseeing to fill my time.

We started at the "cabbage market", which is a farmer's market in the city center of Brno.

This market has been running for over 700 years. It's similar to Beaverton Farmer's Market, but a lot older.

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