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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Picture Wall #2 - Mounting the Shelves

I was able to mount the first part of the picture ledges this evening. After holding the rails in place, we decided to mount them a bit lower than I had originally planned. This gives more room at the top and overall better proportions...

I mounted the rails with 2" finish nails and a bead of glue along the back. I also put a single 2 1/2" screw in the center to make sure it never pulls away from the wall.

This picture is taken from the stair landing below the rails.

I waited to add the support blocks on the ends until after the rails were in place. This way they can be mounted tight to the wall with glue to give a clean look.

I put the final coat of finish on the front pieces of the shelves, so I can attach them in the next couple of days. After all the big projects we have done recently, its nice to have something small that shows results in just a few days.

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