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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Garden Shed #22 - Constructing the Sliding Door

I was able build the sliding shed door today. The weather in Oregon is outstanding right now, and working outside was great. We decided to go with a traditional barn door "X" pattern, as shown...

Most of what I have done on this shed is fairly simple construction. The door was a bit more technical, so I decided to post a "how to" on my photo blog with a number of pictures of the process. How to build this sliding door. If you have some level of experience with woodworking / construction, this should give you the needed additional info to build something like it.

I really like the transom / top row of windows that they are putting into garage doors these days, so I added them here. The back sides are built to hold standard size picture glass.

- 1/4" Luann plywood (Home Depot) - 2 pieces at $11 each - $22
- 10' long economy 1x4's (Home Depot) - 11 pieces at $2.80 - $31
- 8.5 x 11 glass (Dollar Tree Picture Frame) - 6 pieces at $1 each - $6
- Total: $60.

The rail and roller assembly cost about $100 for everything. So with paint and latch hardware, I will be in to this for just about $200.

Here is the opening and rail for the door:

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