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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Garden Shed #13 - Trim & Siding

I finished detailing out the roof, and it's now ready for drip edge and shingles. I also completed trimming out the windows and doors, and started putting the cedar siding on. Here is a picture of the first section:

Once the cedar is on, I will cut and apply the battens to the vertical siding.

I was able to use most of the old cedar boards I pulled from the pile, cutting off less than 10% of the wood for splits and damage. Here is a picture of the remaining material. I guess I could make it look a but nicer, but why - I am going to use in the next day or so.

If I have enough cedar left over, I may cut it down to small pieces to shingles - 6" to 10" wide - and put them on the gable ends.

Here is another picture of the inside of the shed, showing the perimeter loft / shelving.

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