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Monday, July 07, 2008

Home Theater #19 - Speaker Mounts

I wanted to buy inexpensive speaker mounts that would attach to a single-gang electrical box. It seems natural to me that you would want to run a speaker wire out of a low voltage box and mount the speaker right there - no deal.

Since I couldn't find anything, I fabricated my own...

I started out with some high-impact plastic speaker mounts. I bought these from AV Axis through Amazon. Four of these cost $20, including shipping - or $5 apiece.

The interesting thing is that I found a very wide array of pricing on these. For the same thing, I found prices ranging from $5 to $35.

The next step was to mount these on to a single-gang wall plate. The plate shown here is an exterior stainless steel cover, costing about $1. I spray painted it black to match the mount.

I drilled two 1/4" holes in the plate and attached the speaker mount with the supplied bolts. I also drilled a 3/16" hole for the speaker wire to come out.

Here is a picture of the speaker mounted and attached to the wall. These are the side speakers for a Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 set up.

Here are the rear mounts, which are in the back corners of the room for Dolby 7.1. They will point inward at about 40 degrees. I have left the speakers off to show the assembly and where the wire comes out of the plate.

At the end of it all: Nice looking, sturdy mounts for $6 a piece.


Martina said...

This speaker sound is very very stagger.

Martina said...

How so lovely this speaker mounts.

Martina said...

I love this home theater speaker mounts.

Bruce said...

I can't figure out from any of the comments or pictures if these will work with my new LG speakers. They are odd shaped and have a threaded insert on the back. Is there some way to put a screw through the speaker end of these mounts and attach my speakers>

TTFWEB said...


If your speakers have a 5mm threaded hole on the back, these mounts will work. Other size screws may work fine, I just know for sure this size worked on mine.

You on the right track with how to mount the speakers. The speaker-end of mount comes apart, and you insert the screw through the end piece into your speaker. Once secure, you put it back together and tighten a small set-screw on the side.

Good luck.

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