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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garden Shed #10 - Rafters and Siding

We got quite a bit of the shed completed today. The Oregon weather was perfect for working outside. Here are photos of the current progress...

I finished off the rafters, including the collar ties as shown below. I made these from the last bit of usable wood from the old shed. These serve both to strengthen the roof structure, and provide a good location for hanging bikes, etc. They are 9' above the floor, so there will still be plenty of head room with stuff hanging down.

I used the rafter ties from the old shed on the new rafters - they worked very well. They are easy to locate and drop the rafters into.

Here is a photo of the outside. The lower OSB part will be covered with the lap siding, and the top will end up looking like board and batten. This is 8" on-center T-1-11. I will cover over the groves with battens. This cost about 2/3 of a sheet with no groves in it (not sure why).

The corner pieces are 1" cedar and all other trim, including the cross-piece shown here are 3/4" pine.

Here is the end of the shed with a window. The cross trim also serves as the base trim of the window.

Finally, here is the side with the small door and window - nothing is trimmed out yet.

The next steps are to trim out the rest of the doors, windows and horizontals. After that I will start to apply the battens, then the lower lap siding.

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