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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home Theater #14 - Screen Size

I am trying to make a final deicsion on the screen size for our home theater. Since I am building it from sheetrock (see previous posts), this is going to be a relatively permenent setup.

We use our projector to watch normal TV as well as HDTV and DVD's - so my initial idea has been to go with a 4:3 screen that's as large as reasonably possible (60" high x 80" wide). If I stick with this, we have the blank horizontal bands for 16:9 formats.

There are of course a number of opinions on this. I fould what seems to be the most objective at Projector Central, in the article: What is the best screen format?

For today (and the next couple of years), 4:3 is obviously the way to go. Since I am laying stone around the screen, going to 16:9 won't be very easy. I would need to tear it out and add more veneer, which is not a good idea. Instead of building the screen sitting in front of the stone, I could inset it - then la more up if the scrren needed to become 16:9, maintaining the same width. Another option is to lay the stone up to accomodate an HD ratio screen and mounting a screen over it.

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