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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home Theater #13 - Concept for Screen & Cabinets

I have decided on the concept for the cabinets and wall around the projection screen. Here is the rough drawing (made in visio)...

It looks a bit busier that it will be because of how the beadboard looks in the sketch. Basically, there will be cottage-style cabinets on either side of the screen - open on the top, drawers on the bottom, beadboard as backing. The open places on the wall will have stone.

I got the idea for stone from the following picture:

The cabinets will echo the large bookshelves outside the theater room, but will be stained rather than painted. I got the original idea from this cabinet picture I took at the PDX Street of Dreams.

Here area the bookshelves (from an earlier post)

This plan will be a bit of work, but actually very doable and not overly expensive. The pine is fairly cheap, and I already have the stone left over from another project.

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