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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Home Theater #4 - Lighting Plan

I put together a lighting plan for the theater room, shown below. I am not 100% sure that this is what we will do yet, but it's a starting point.

There are 4 lighting zones:
1. Lights across the entry to the room. We will like put a game table in this area.
2. Perimeter lights in the back of the room. These will be the ones that are typically on.
3. Perimeter lights in the front of the room. These will likely be on, but a very low setting.
4. Two conventional lights for fully lighting the room, to keep the space multipurpose. These are already in place.

After looking at a few options and the costs, I decided to go with simple recessed lighting and dimmer controls for each zone. These will be build into soffits that I will add, which will give a tray ceiling effect to the room.

I found a good site for home theater information: DIY Home Theater Design. It has quite a bit of technical content and is fairly comprehensive.

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