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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home Theater #2 - Framing Pictures

Here are a few pictures of before and after the framing...

The pictures above and below show the soffit that forms the entry to the theater room. This soffit holds the HVAC ducts and a 20" gluelam beam that supports part of the garage and kitchen above. Obviously, we are not going to move or modify it. We don't really like the look of it - the framing in the pictures below is meant to turn it into an entry.

The wood post shown was wrapped in sheetrock, and looked very 70's. Also, the entire area is a mess in this photo.

Here is a picture of the framing. These are built to accept bookshelves. The post was kept in place has now become part of the wall along the stairs.

Finally, here is the framing from the backside. This is the storage area for the wood pellets (see last post).

Now it's on to designing the lighting scheme for the room...

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