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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Building Bookshelves #2

We had great weather in Portland, so I was able to get the beadboard bookshelves built and installed today (and get the Christmas lights up). The following photo set shows the process.

Here are the routed uprights:

Shelves attached to the first side:

I glued and stapled these in place.

I put in two screws to hold the shelves in tight during assembly:

I flipped it over to it's other side:

And put the other upright on:

Here is my son helping out a bit:

Here are two of the shelving units standing upright, after I glued and stapled the beadboard plywood to the backs:

Close-up shot of the shelves:

The installation of the four units went really well. I shimmed the right side plumb, and went from there. I put a few shims in a the back against the studs, but mainly sprayed expanding insulation foam back there.

Each unit has a 3/8" spacer (extra beadboard) between it and the next. This allows for easy adjustment. It makes the units has as through they were hinged, so they can be aligned.

Now I need to put the faceframe pieces on, then trim it out.


Mike & Angie said...

NICE . . . My wife an I are planning a similar project to convert a portion of the living room into a library . . .

I like the way you did this . . . simple and very effective! It gives it a nice clean look.

I can't wait to see it trimmed out.

TTFWEB said...

Thanks for the comments. I am hoping to spray the primer and send them this coming weekend.

I will do the final trim around the outside when I do the doors and windows. I haven't quite figured out the trim scheme yet. I am going to fabricate it myself from MDF - it's way cheaper, and I can get a more custom look.

Good luck with you project.


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