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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Table Saw Set Up

Like most shops, my table saw is the heart of most of the activity. Someday, hopefully soon, I will be building a shop so I can have a fixed setup for all my tools - but for now I share space in the garage. To make this work, I built a moble base for the saw.

The photo above shows the saw (yup, it's messy) rolled out into the driveway. As much as possible, I like to work outside - more room, less dust, and less noise.

This diagram shows the basic layout of the base (42" x 42"). It has shelves around three sides, and dust collection on the center. I put a plastic bin in the bottom so its easy to get the dust out. The top of the base forms a deck to hold my fence and other tools. This who thing sits on five 3" locking casters - 4 in the corners and once in the center for support.

This is made from two sheets of 3/4" OSB, with furring strip edging. I kept the edging one inch proud to give me places to put clamps.

I installed power outlets on both sides of the base, which come in really handy. When the saw is plugged in, the outlets are live. It also has a shopvac dust collection point that comes in from the back.

I built a small outfeed table as part of the base. This gives me just enough extra support to for my two-foot deep cross-cut box, to keep from falling off the back. I left an opening in the back allow access to the motor, and provide airflow around it.

Here is a picture of the saw and my workbench together. The workbench is build in the same style, and has an integrated router table. It sits 1/2" lower than the saw to allow easy outfeed. Again, this has power incorporated. I plug the bench into the saw, so I have power all the way around the setup.

I have had this for about 7 years, its it has really served me well. I have some things that I would like to improve: a few more outlets, side support tables for cross-cutting longer boards, better clamp storage.

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